The Quiet Resistance

   3rd studio album

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The birth of a new rock sensation!
"The Quiet Resistance" is the third album by the Dutch formation and offers a more mature, modern, and contemporary approach than that found on Nemesea's two previous efforts. Although the band continues to stay true to its characteristic style, they do not shy away from including new elements and details to refresh their sound. The guitars and Manda Ophuis' outstanding vocals continue to be the driving force behind Nemesea. Manda perfectly understands which web of emotion to weave for each particular track and how to make use of her fantastic vocal lines to breathe life into the lyrics.
With extremely appealing songs like "Afterlife", "Caught in the Middle", or the beautiful ballad "If You Could", the alternative rock quintet have several surefire hits from the get-go. Nemesea's "The Quiet Resistance" offers intense and soulful alternative rock complete with a subtle breath of gothic and loudly demands the attention the band undoubtedly deserves.


1.The Quiet Resistance

2. Caught in the middle

3. Afterlife

4. Whenever

5. If you could

6. High enough

7. Say

8. It's over

9. I live

10. Stay with me

11. Rush

12. Release me

13. 2012

Bonus track: Allein



Music by HJ and Nemesea, except for  It’s over, music by HJ, Nemesea and Matt Litwin

Lyrics by Manda and HJ except for Allein, lyrics by Manda and Heli Reißenweber


Recorded Januari – March 2011 by HJ and Sonny

Guitars recorded by Klaas Pot at Studio Lobbes

Produced by Joost van den Broek and HJ

Mixed and Mastered by Joost van den Broek

Lyrics edited by Corrina Gifford


Guest vocals on High enough by Charlotte Wessels

Charlotte Wessels appears courtesy of Roadrunner Records

Guest vocals on It’s over Marcus Klavan (Bulletproof messenger)

Guest vocals on Allein by Heli Reißenweber (Stahlzeit)

Male vocals on Say and High Enough by HJ

Turntables on It’s over by Matt Litwin (Bulletproof messenger)

Additional piano on If you could and I live by Joost van den Broek


Artwork by Heilemania.de

Pictures by Heilemania.de

Cosmetics by Stefanie Haidle

The Quiet Resistance

An outstanding album: buy it, you won't be disappointed.
Evaluation: [out of 5 Stars]
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